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Lisa Giczewski

Lisa Giczewski describes herself as a bright, fun, and passionate woman; just like where she has spent all her life: Southern California. Lisa’s realization that she was destined to become an event planner came to her as she was attending her first wedding. She became fascinated by the extravagance of such an event.

Lisa’s studies lead her to attain a business degree in Marketing. Her persistence and attention to detail helped her build a reputation for beating deadlines all around.

“I once attended a wedding, that I did not plan, where the maid of honor was in charge of bringing the marriage license and getting it signed,” Lisa explains an anecdotal true story. “Unfortunately she forgot the license and the bride almost had a heart attack. I stepped in and managed to resolve the issue but needless to say, a bride should never have to worry about something like that happening on her special day.”

“My passion is being able to start from nothing and create an event that will make memories for everyone to remember forever!”
As an accent to her degree in Marketing, Lisa also has an extensive background in Fashion Merchandising which allows her to maximize and understand the various styles her clients may be looking for in their specific event. When a client walks into their event, Lisa wants them to be able to experience something unlike anything they have experienced before. When her clients’ ideas and plans have been brought to life, it is then that Lisa is satisfied.

Lisa has had the luxury of helping some of her closest friends and families plan their perfect event, and she would love nothing more than the opportunity to be able to plan and/or coordinate your event.