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Adri Flores

Adri describes herself and an active person with a passion for soccer, boxing, and living life to the fullest. Her passion for event planning started at a young age years before she realized her own talent.

Adri, a proud Mexican-American, was born and raised in Orange County, California; a hot bed for weekend get-togethers, birthday parties, sweet sixteens, elegant weddings, quinceaneras, charming house parties, and a vibrant night-life. As a very young child Adri stood out of the crowd at many parties, not just with her personality, but with her keen eye to assess the party’s details. She found herself contemplating the party’s food, decorations, layout, wardrobes, entertainment, and the flow.

“I love big and different events,” Adri says. “I love knowing I can give events the wow factor they need to shock guests into amazement at any venue.”
Adri’s first opportunity to plan an event was her own quinceanera (a Mexican version of a sweet sixteen celebrated for a young girl turning the age of 15). She wanted her party to be unique and exclusive. Everything from the venue, to the dress, to the decorations was carefully scrutinized. The invitations carried distinct colors and the food was exotic and delicious. Her friends all rated the party as five stars. It was then Adri knew she had a talent for event planning.

Not long after her quinceanera Adri started planning baby showers and birthday parties for many of her friends, and was soon well renowned for her amazing baby showers.

Adri’s experience and passion has now lead her to offer her skills, dedication and talent to the team of Simply Your Day. She consistently looks forward to the unique challenges that are presented by every event, and has an unwilling need to provide the best service possible for all her clients.